Repeaters, Beacons, Nodes & APRS

PLEASE NOTE: As a general rule regarding FM repeaters,  VHF repeaters (144 MHz  – 148 MHz) use a 600 kHz offset either plus (+) or minus (-). UHF repeaters (440 MHz  – 448 MHz) use a 5 MHz offset either plus (+) or minus (-).

The frequency shown for the following repeaters is the transmit frequency of the repeater. Set your radio to receive this frequency and, with modern transceivers, the offset should be set for you automatically.


NL LINKED REPEATER SYSTEM (These repeaters are linked to each other)

VO1GT146.940-0.600St. John’sNL Link Node 1002
VO1ICE146.640-0.600Portugal Cove
VO1GBR146.940-0.600Grand Bank
VO1SHR146.660-0.600Shoal HarbourAPRS VO1SHR-1
VO1GLR147.180+0.600Gander LakeAPRS VO1GLR-1
VO1LJR147.320+0.600Lewisporte JunctionAPRS VO1LJR-1 And NL Link Node 1001
VO1GFR146.910-0.600Grand Falls-WindsorAPRS VO1GFR-1 And NL Link Hub 1000
VO1BLR146.640-0.600Birchy Lake (Deer Lake)
VO1MO147.360+0.600Corner Brook
VO1STA147.965-0.600St. AnthonyNL Link Node 1005
VO2ET147.510SimplexLabrador City

Easily find locations and frequencies of repeaters on the linked system using the map below. Click the icons for repeater info.
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VO1GT146.940-0.600No ToneSt. John’sNL Link Node 1002
VO1NTV147.060-0.600No ToneSt. John’s
VO1ARC146.600-0.600No ToneSt. John’s
VO1UM145.950NoneNo ToneSt. John’s – East End
VO1UM447.500-5.00No ToneSt. John’s – East EndIRLP Node 2011
VO1NTV444.600+5.00100.0St. John’s
VO1TZ1251.910NoneNo ToneSt. John’sD-STAR
VO1RCR147.345+0.600100.0St. John’s
VO1TZ145.090+0.600No ToneSt. John’sD-STAR
VO1TZ443.400+5.00No ToneSt. John’sD-STAR
VO1EHC147.570NoneNo ToneSt. John’s
VO1KEN145.470-0.600No ToneRobin Hood Bay
VO1KEN447.100-5.00No ToneRobin Hood Bay
VO1ICE146.640-0.600No TonePortugal Cove
VO1ILR147.030+0.600No TonePortugal Cove South
VO1CGR146.880-0.600No ToneParadise
VO1ARG146.820-0.600No ToneArgentia
VO1AWS146.640-0.600No TonePlacentia
VO1PFR??147.010+0.600No ToneJersey Side, Placentia BayNot sure on Callsign
VO1SEP447.125-5.00No TonePlacentia
VO1BT146.760-0.600No ToneHolyroodAPRS VO1BT
VO1PCR147.120+0.600No ToneCape Pine
VO1CQG147.280+0.600No ToneFerryland
VO1EHC447.500NoneNo ToneShearstown
VO1EHC146.300-0.600No ToneShearstownIRLP Node 2262
VO1TBR147.300+0.600No ToneBay De VerdeBaccalieu Link
VO1TCR146.970-0.600No ToneHeart’s ContentBaccalieu Link
VO1ELF147.360+0.600No ToneDunvilleBaccalieu Link
VO1FRR147.390+0.600No ToneCarbonearBaccalieu Link
VO1FRR444.975+5.000No ToneCarbonear
VO1IC146.730-0.60094.8Bay Roberts
VO1MST146.850-0.600No ToneMarystownIRLP Node 2390
VO1GBR146.940-0.600No ToneGrand BankNL Link
VO1SHR146.600-0.600No ToneShoal HarbourAPRS VO1SHR-1 – NL Link


VO1ADE146.880-0.600No ToneGanderAutopatch
VO1BOT147.380+0.600No ToneBotwood
VO1GFR146.910-0.600No ToneGrand Falls-WindsorAPRS VO1GFR-1
VO1GLR147.180+0.600No ToneGander LakeAPRS VO1GLR-1
VO1HHR146.600-0.600No ToneGrand Falls-Windsor
VO1JY146.760-0.600No ToneGrand Falls-WindsorIRLP 2350 Echolink VO1ZW-R
VO1LJR147.320+0.600No ToneLewisporte Junction APRS VO1LJR-1, NL Link
VO1TNP146.700-0.600No ToneTerra Nova ParkNL Link coming soon


VO1MO147.360+0.600No ToneCorner BrookNL Link
VO1RIR147.280+0.600No ToneRamea
VO1BLR146.640-0.600No ToneBirchy Lake (Deer Lake)

Northern & Labrador

VO1STA147.965-0.600No ToneSt. AnthonyNL Link
VO2GB146.340-0.600No ToneGoose Bay
VO2KG146.940-0.600No ToneLabrador City, Emeril Mountain
VO2LMC146.760-0.600No ToneLabrador City, Round Hill
VO2ET147.510SimplexNo ToneLabrador CityNL Link


NL APRS Network (for more on APRS click here)


APRS Digipeaters

VO1GT-1DigipeaterKenmount Hill, St. John’s
VO1KEN-1DigipeaterRobin Hood Bay, St. Johns
VO1BIL-1DireWolf Linux DigipeaterNew Harbour
VO1BTDigipeaterHawke Hill, Holyrood
VO1SHR-1DigipeaterShoal Harbour
VO1NET-1DigipeaterPort Rexton
VO1GLR-1DigipeaterGander Lake
VO1LJR-1DigipeaterLewisporte Junction
VO1GFR-1DigipeaterBirchy Lake
VO1BLR-1DigipeaterGrand Falls-Windsor

APRS I-Gates

VO1UM-2aprs-is for win32 I-GateSt. John’s
VO1UM-1aprs-is for win32 I-GateBay Roberts
VO1QUaprs-is for win32 I-GateGander
VO1JWWXastir linux I-GateGrand Falls-Windsor


Beacon Information

Eastern Newfoundland (GN37) is the closest point of North America to Europe. It is therefore a strategic location for radio propagation beacons.


The 6 metre beacon (VO1ZA) operates on the campus of Memorial University and was designed and installed by members of the MUN ARC in June of 1990. It operates on a frequency of 50.0400 MHz (space) 50.0395 MHz (mark) FSK CW with 1.5 watts output to a 0.27 wave gamma fed vertical (omni).

144 Beacon – Morse Code

A 2 metre high power CW transatlantic beacon is operating on 144.400 MHz,+-1.2 kHz. Anyone wishing to report a transatlantic reception for authentication should report the exact time, frequency and full text of the transmission to MRCN. The frequency of 144.400 MHz was chosen in consultation with the RSGB VHF committee.

144 Beacon – Voice

A 2 metre FM beacon transmitts audio Morse on 146.31 MHz. This beacon has been on the air since 14 September, 1986 and has been used to study seasonal viability in local VHF propagation. It also serves as a benchmark for repeater antenna receiving performance in the region.

MRCN Reference Page