Amateur or “ham” radio can relay vital messages in the event of an emergency and total communications breakdown. However, this is far from its only use! Perhaps one of the most intriguing things is the simplicity of amateur radio. Hams can communicate locally or across the world with a only radio at either end, and nothing in between. No internet. No wires. Nothing! A ham station can be setup virtually anywhere and can operate on emergency power such as batteries if required.

The term “amateur” is not a reflection on the skills of the participants, which are often quite advanced; rather, “amateur” indicates that amateur radio communications are not allowed to be made for commercial or money-making purposes.

There are various aspects of ham radio that enthusiasts enjoy, whether it’s simply making friends, building radio equipment, communicating with morse code, being prepared for an emergency, or sending images and data over radio. The possibilities are endless, and this is part of what makes amateur radio such a popular hobby.