, an Italian amateur radio telegraphy club, contacted SONRA to QSO with VO1AA to commemorate Marconi’s achievement on December 12, 1901. It was arranged for December 19, 2020 at 11:00 Newfoundland time on the 20M band.

Contact was established first between IK3SSO Mauro and VO1DM Doug on SSB. VO1HP Frank then took the seat at Signal Hill and QSOed with Mauro and IZ3NVQ Luca, both in Venezia, Italy on CW. After switching back to SSB proceeding were concluded with the desire to make this an annual event on December 12th. team manager is IZ3GVL Corrado, who arranged the QSO but was not received at Signal Hill.

A recording was made that can be viewed here:

YouTube video


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