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VO1BLR Birchy Lake (Deer Lake) Repeater Now On Linked System

The VO1BLR Birchy Lake (Deer Lake) 2m repeater is now linked to the island-wide repeater system!

You can find it on 146.640- in the area.

As of posting, tests had not been done west towards Corner Brook, but in the other direction, it is confirmed excellent coverage west of Springdale Junction, all the way to Deer Lake airport.

Special thanks to VO1AJD and and VO2JAS who are hosting the Allstar node, and thanks to everyone who has contributed to help extend the coverage of the island-wide NL link! The more coverage it has, the more beneficial it is.

See the full repeater list and map on the Repeaters page.

VO1BLR Birchy Lake Repeater ONLINE!

Great news! The VO1 BLR Birchy Lake Repeater is once again ONLINE after some hard work and contributions. For a full list of those who helped with the project, please see our previous post.

VO1MXZ & VO1VXC continued upgrade work this past week with new electrical, insulation, vapour barrier, floor & heating system. Oh, and of course the repeater! It is online with APRS and CW identifier at 146.640-. A few minor things left to complete at the site, but it is now operational and ready for winter.

Thanks to all those who helped make this project happen!

VO1BLR is a standalone repeater, but hope is to someday connect it to the NL Linked Repeater System. It is now on the linked system.


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VO1BLR Birchy Lake Repeater Rebuild Project

VO1MXZ is the lead on a project to rebuild the VO1BLR repeater in Birchy Lake, NL. Once complete, it will operate on on 146.640 MHz with a negative offset. This site will feature APRS capabilities as well.

It’s coming along, but there’s still some work to be done before it is operational. We will post updates here, as well as Facebook and Twitter once it’s ready to go.

Pictures of the work are below.

Big thank you to the following contributors for making this possible:

Ken Whalen VO1ST
Dan Pike VO1VCP
Rodney Ellis VO1TWO
Bill Crann VO1BIL
Bryan Taylor VO1MXZ & XYL Sara Taylor
Craig Moore VO1VXC
Pat Hurley VO1PH
Brian Kelly VO1AW
Rene Ozon VO1RPO
Chris Cuff VO1CFC,
Jason Slade VO1JNS,
Daisy Tucker VO1DJT,
Ken Tucker VO1KVT,
Janet Brake VO1JBB,
Terry Hollett VO1TH,
Hayward Stratton VO1EHS,
Calvin Janes VO1CAL,
Perry Cooper VO1KVJ